Model Vids

  • Vexxed Mirror
    I went downtown a couple weeks ago to shoot a BTS vid of a shoot with Vexxed, who, along with her photographer, had just come off a cruise. They’d rented a space to shoot in, which was a weird little studio, but I got some cool imagery, and managed to cut together a little video of moments from the shoot and figured I’d share it here.
  • the Sasha Shuffle
  • Jess @ Vasquez Rocks
    Just a silly little video with the prolific and talented Jess while we were out shooting at Vasquez Rocks.
  • Old Timey Walk
    On a shoot with Jess down by the LA River in the Valley, I got a series of stills that made a perfect old-timey .gif.
  • Nubia’s Model Vid
    I hadn’t done any real intentional video work mixed into my photo work until this project. Shooting with Nubia made me realize that I really should be doing more!
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