Studio Shoots

Steph Against White

After some years away, Steph and I popped into the studio for a quick series of shots that we’re going to use to re-spark the…
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Nina Paints

Some brief green screen shots of Nina painting on my green screen. Good use of paint when I was giving the wall a much-needed touchup.…
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Indoor Frances

Shooting masked up was a little daunting for the first little bit (“I can’t git muh BREATHS!”), but I managed, and just getting out of…
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Jess M

I used to shoot with Jess a lot, so we’ve built up quite the portfolio over the years. Here’s a subset of a subset of…
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For years, on and off, I worked on a project that was to become a coffee table book on lower back tattoos called Branded (yes,…
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Bits of Steph

Over the years, I’ve found myself reaching for the camera pretty frequently when Steph and I were hanging out. What you get here are some…
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Steph and the Mirror

Steph came over and posed with my heirloom mirror. These images were lost for a long time, and recently rediscovered as very damaged film negatives…
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