Outdoor Shoots

Frances Snow

We may not have found any useful snow for our original idea, but we ended up with some cute photos nonetheless!
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Nina in the Alley

I got to shoot with Nina against my green screen for a bit, and these were the almost-afterthought shots we did in the alleyway right …
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Marina Pool

My first underwater shoot in a long, long time came available with Marina and I was pretty darn psyched. The pool was warm enough, Marina …
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Priscilla in Jordan

I didn’t do any official shoots there, but when I met the legendary Priscilla in Jordan, we were destined to get at least SOMEfun shots, …
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Jess M

I used to shoot with Jess a lot, so we’ve built up quite the portfolio over the years. Here’s a subset of a subset of …
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Sami J

The devil went up to Portland; he was lookin’ for a deal to seal. He was jonesin’ for some shots – and these are what …
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